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by Steady Rollin
Released 2022

Listen to our second album Stories where you can find rock, blues, alternative, rock opera and more sounds.

The Soldier

by Steady Rollin
Released Oct, 2022

Listen to newest single The Soldier.

This Craziness Inside of Me

by Steady Rollin
Released 2021

The woman you love but you have to fight with inner demons to give to her a better life.

Must I Die Alone

by Steady Rollin
Released 2021

Would you be able to fight agaisnt the perfect storm and you don’t know if You will see the face of your loved one?


by Steady Rollin
Released 2019

A man who took his car and he went to looked up for his girl.

Love & Loss

by Steady Rollin​ Released 2019

When a man loves a woman, he feels a fire inside of him because all the love.

¿Dónde Te Has Metido?

by Steady Rollin
Released 2018

A bohemian boy who falls in love with a worldly-wise girl.

Love & Loss

by Steady Rollin​

Released 11/21/2017
Steady Rollin


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